About us

What is Liberty Tokens?

Liberty Tokens DAO LLC is the 66th registered DAO LLC in the state of Wyoming.  This means that our tokens are community driven, contracts are algorithmically managed, and our development team members are protected under business law.

Liberty Tokens is a diverse ecosystem built on the Binance Smart Chain designed to reward and enable holders to accumulate multiple Crypto Assets with every transaction.

Initially launching with Ethereum, Liberty Tokens is a hyper-deflationary token with dual reflections.  It provides accumulation of wealth in a primary asset and BUSD, which will further increase the value of the holder’s portfolio.

Purpose & Benefit

Leveraging Innovative DeFi

Providing holders next generation financial technology with multiple streams of passive income. The potential for significant growth of wealth is made easy through our portfolio of tokens.


Utilize the upcoming Liberty Wallet for a secure and easy method to manage crypto assets.


dApp/Mobile App

Featuring an all inclusive dApp and Mobile App to manage your assets with ease.



Utilize our intuitive Swap to effortlessly exchange to and from any Liberty Tokens.


How our Tokenomics work

Liberty Tokens rewards holders in the native asset and BUSD with each transaction. Enabling investors to acquire one asset and automatically diversifying their portfolios with dual reflections.

Browse our line of Liberty Tokens


Determine which Liberty Token(s) best suit your investment strategy


Acquire your piece of the Liberty Token Portfolio


Each transaction within our lineup of Liberty tokens rewards with 2.5% of the native asset and 2.5% of BUSD


Accumulate Assets (ETH, BTC, BNB, ADA, and USD) with each Liberty Token


Passively earn income and watch your wealth grow


The Liberty App

Leverage our next generation mobile wallet app for secure management of your Crypto investments. Instantly convert your Crypto to FIAT currency and utilize our upcoming debit card to access your capital as needed.

  • Mobile App provides immediate access to exchange to and from Cryptocurrency.
  • Immediate Access to your money whenever or wherever you need it.
  • Send and Receive Crypto or Fiat with very low transaction fees anywhere in the world.



The timeline

September 2021

Development Begins

Q4 2021

Website, Social Media, Community

Q1 2022

dApp, Wallet, Native Token

Q2 2022

Debit Card, Exchange, Staff Expansion

Q3 2022

Introduction of Next Set of Tokens, Launch of The App


Learn how we can help you build wealth

Financial education is key to building sustainable passive income and successfully achieving wealth. Learn how Liberty Tokens helps you with accomplishing your financial goals.

Why did we create Liberty Tokens?

Liberty Tokens was created to provide dual reflections in a multi-token set which enables passive income and can be quickly swapped to FIAT currency. 

We feature low taxes to create amplified trading volume, and as an incentive for existing holders, the tax rate between existing Liberty Token contracts has been reduced by 33%.  

This will encourage trading volume, generate reflections, and subsequently additional passive income.

How will holding Liberty tokens benefit you?

Holding Liberty Tokens will allow you to diversify your portfolio with multi-token reflections, and allow for direct conversion into a native token in the Liberty Token ecosystem.

The native token will be able to be used as a conversion into local currency through a wallet and debit card.

Why is diversification important?

Diversification is important in a portfolio to create stability and long-term growth to the holder.  

The benefits of diversification are that not one investment is tied to one asset.  In the Liberty Tokens ecosystem, each token will reflect two assets that are tied to an existing coin for profitable holdings.

How will the Liberty Token ecosystem function?

The Liberty Token ecosystem will be developed on the Binance Smart Chain with multiple tokens, and have a native token within its ecosystem.

There will be no direct attachment to the native token, so a holder does not have to own the token.

The native token will be used as a conversion to local fiat currency on the debit card.

This means that when a user receives reflections, those reflections can be converted into the native token for use on the debit card.

The native token’s sole purpose is to be used as a base for fiat conversion on the debit card.

What are the Liberty Token tax rates/allocations? 

Each of the Liberty Tokens incurs a 9% tax on each buy, sell, or transfer (to another wallet/LP). 

9% Tax Allocation

2.5% to Native Asset (Ethereum, Bitcoin, Binance, Cardano, USDC)

2.5% to BUSD

2% to the Liquidity Pool

2% to the Use Wallet (business expenses)

For transfers between the Liberty Tokens contracts, these will have a lower tax rate, and incur a 6% tax.

(Example – trading from LibertyETH to LibertyBTC;etc)

6% Tax Allocation

2% to Native Asset (Ethereum, Bitcoin, Binance, Cardano, USDC)

2% to BUSD

1% to the Liquidity Pool

1% to the Use Wallet (business expenses)

What utility will Liberty Token provide?

The core utility for Liberty Tokens is an innovative reflections reward system that generates dual rewards with the capability to convert into a native token that can be used for fiat conversion.

This will allow financial access and freedom to all of the holders.

What are the benefits of holding multiple Liberty Tokens?

The benefits of holding Liberty Tokens are that with each token the holder is receiving multiple reflections in different assets.

This allows for a diversified portfolio, and stable wealth.

The reflections will also be able to be converted into a native token, which can be used on a debit card through the wallet.

For SafeVault and ETHVault holders on 8/29/21

If a wallet address was found holding these tokens on BSCScan, those holders will receive a free allotment of the first set of Liberty Tokens.

That means if a wallet address was found on BSCScan (roughly 8,800), those addresses will receive a free allotment of – LibertyETH, LibertyBTC, LibertyBNB, LibertyADA, LibertyUSD